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My Favorite Books for Learning WordPress to Build a Website


Prior to starting Fun Diego Family I was scared to use WordPress. This was mainly due to some ugly experiences circa 2008-2009. Back then WordPress was significantly more difficult to use. That has changed and WordPress has a relatively easy learning curve. I was able to get a handle on it with about a month of practicing. However, I definitely needed quite a bit of help. There are lots of online videos and tutorials that are a big help. However, for me having a good printed book by my side is essential. This is a look at some of my favorite books for learning WordPress.

WordPress for Beginners 2018: A Visual Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering WordPress

I like this book because it has a lot of pictures to guide you through the process.  I do not yet have the new 2018 version but have got it as a gift for several budding designers.  The author, Andrew Williams, also teaches online video classes.  The book provides links to many resources, but personally i can find most of what I need here.


Step-By-Step WordPress for Beginners: How to Build a Beautiful Website on Your Own Domain from Scratch

This book is short and sweet.  Not many pictures, but there is a link to online video courses.

Teach Yourself Visually WordPress

Of course, as the name implies, this is another book heavy on visuals.  This is step-by-step instructions for beginners with screen shots and detailed labels of what you need to do.  The author of my edition is George Plumley.


WordPress: The Missing Manual

This was the first book I got.  It was published in 2014.  In Internet time that may seem like an eternity, but I find everything seems pretty up-to-date.  This is probably the most comprehensive book I have.  I even took the time to read it through completely because it helped explain many of the basics.  My version is the second edition by Matthew McDonald.




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