Theory about Shy Guys from the Mario Universe

Shy Guy Theory


Hello Nintendo fans and people who accidentally clicked on this, I’m Grady the youngest in the Fun Diego Family with my first article about a video game theory I made. If you are like “Oh he’s the youngest, so he will have a nice, not dark theory” you are wrong (but not too dark).  So here is my theory about Shy Guys from the Mario Universe and what they actually are.

Okay if you are familiar with the Super Mario franchise you should know what a Shy Guy is. The mysterious, but kind of cute character has had many theories about what the heck it exactly is, most theories have been dark like it being a murderer with a hockey mask or some kind of flesh eating monster or human, but today I will present you with a theory that will stay in your mind forever.

theory about Shy Guystheory about Shy Guys

Some of the Shy Guy Theories

I present you with my theory about Shy Guys: Shy Guys are the souls of Toads. I have had this theory in my head for a while now, but I never knew there was so much evidence out there. So in the first ever Super Mario game, Super Mario Bros, Bowser’s master plan was to turn all toads to bricks, you might be saying, “But wait, Mario breaks bricks! That would kill the toads!” you are right, but however that would release their souls! Ok let’s get back to the Shy Guys. The Shy Guy species first appeared in Super Mario Bros 2. If you ever look on a mario timeline you would see that the game after Super Mario Bros is Super Mario Bros 2. That means the toads could have disguised themselves as these strange creatures that try to get revenge on Mario for killing them.

theory about Shy Guys
Super Mario Brothers 2

Now if you know the Mario franchise you might know that in Luigi’s Mansion it shows Shy Guys without their mask. You know it has a yellow mouth and yellow eyes. Now you might be all like, “Ha ha ha, you lost!”, but think again I have found something that will make me prove you wrong. In Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door in room 004 of the Excess Express hides a ghost toad. He looks a little creepy with his yellow eyes and- wait yellow eyes like the unmasked Shy Guys!?!? But there are ghost toads in Paper Mario: Color Splash! But they died a known death, old age. The Thousand Year Door Ghost Toad on the other hand, is unknown death maybe a rather horrible death. What I’m saying is that only the toads that died of murder and other horrible deaths turn into Shy Guys.

theory about Shy Guys
Comparison of Ghost Toad’s eyes to Shy Guy’s eyes

You might be yelling at me, again but now about the first game in the Mario timeline Yoshi’s Island (Mario and Luigi are babies in this game). In this game there are Shy Guys, but no toads. This can be answered easily. The toads did come, but their voyage ended badly. The toads had sailed from the Mushroom Kingdom to Yoshi’s Island, but getting ambushed by something or someone… Like a dinosaur. Just kidding.

theory about Shy Guys
Shy Guys in Yoshi’s Island

You think that’s it? There is still a little more that will make you will believe in me 100%. If you know Color Splash you know that the Shy Guys sucks paint from toads making them almost soul less. What I’m saying is the Shy Guy’s soul might wear of after a while so need another soul to stay alive.

theory about Shy Guys
This is a toad’s soul being sucked into the Shy Guy.

So that’s it for my first article! I hope you enjoyed!

theory about Shy Guys


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