Biking San Diego: La Jolla Bike Path to Bird Rock

La Jolla Bike Path


One of our favorite easy bike rides is the La Jolla Bike Path.  This short trail runs a mile.  However, we like to add another mile through the Bird Rock neighborhood.  This La Jolla Bike Path to Bird Rock is a 4-mile roundtrip ride that stops at the famed Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.


La Jolla Bike Path

The La Jolla Bike Path is a very short ride.  Often, we combine this with one of our La Jolla or Torrey Pines hikes.  Basically, a combined biking/hiking outing.

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This is a perfect ride for young children just learning to bike on their own. The trail is not crowded and there are no vehicles.  There is only one uphill section, near the end as you come back towards Nautilus Street.  Kids can simply walk there bike up the short hill.

La Jolla Bike Path is a one way, out-and-back ride.  You can start from either end, but we always start from the intersection of Nautilus St and Fay Avenue, across from La Jolla High School.  There is always plenty of parking on the street.


The trail starts right from the fire station and is well marked.  The first part is along asphalt and you get nice views down towards the ocean.  The first part is flat, until you start to hit a downhill section near a small playground (this will be the uphill part on the way back).

La Jolla Bike Path
The La Jolla Bike Path starts at the fire station across from La Jolla High School

The trail levels off as you start to come into the south La Jolla/Bird Rock area.  Surprisingly, there are only two places where you need to cross the street.  The rest of the path is all dedicated trail.  Most of the path is paved, but there are some dirt sections.

La Jolla Bike Path La Jolla Bike Path

The La Jolla Bike Path officially ends at Camino De La Costa.  However, we like to continue straight ahead down La Jolla Hermosa Ave.  This requires riding in the street, but it is a wide road with very little traffic.

La Jolla Bike Path


La Jolla Bike Path
The La Jolla Bike Path officially ends here but we like to go another mile down Hermosa

La Jolla Bike Path

The ride down Hermosa goes for another mile until Bird Rock ends at Turquoise St.  This is the start of the Pacific Beach neighborhood and La Jolla Hermosa also comes to a dead end.  At this point, you have gone two miles.  Simply turn around and head back the way you came.

La Jolla Bike Path
The road ends near the West End Pub is at the start of Pacific Beach

La Jolla Bike Path

 Of course, a prime attraction of this ride for us is visiting the Bird Rock area.  There are several places here we frequent including Wheat and Water, Don Bravo Mexican and Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.

Most times we stop at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.  This is one of the best coffee places in the country.  It is rapidly expanding, but the original Bird Rock location has been our favorite for years.  Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is located on La Jolla Blvd between Forward St and Bird Rock Ave.  La Jolla Block runs one block parallel to La Jolla Hermosa.

You can also park your bike on La Jolla Blvd and walk two blocks down Bird Rock Avenue to the ocean.  This is the home of spectacular views of both mansions and the La Jolla Coast.

La Jolla Bike Path is off the tourist radar.  As San Diego locals, we much prefer this ride versus trying to fight our way through the crowds at the boardwalk in neighboring Pacific Beach.  You get the ocean air and views, while feeling you are miles away from the crowds.

La Jolla Bike Path La Jolla Bike Path


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