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San Diego Beaches: No Surf Beach at Sunset Cliffs

No Surf Beach


Sunset Cliffs is known as a beautiful drive and a great clifftop walk.  It is not known as much for its beach activity.  However, it does have two interesting beach areas for the more adventurous.  This is our overview of No Surf Beach.

Location: Sunset Cliffs Blvd by Hill St
Beach Type: Isolated and Scenic
Access: Short, steep climb down the cliffs
Parking: Free street parking
Facilities: None
Good For: Tide Pools, Surfing
Not Good For: Families looking for a traditional beach day, people not in shape, swimming

No Surf starts around Hill St.  This is right in the middle of our Sunset Cliffs hike.  There are two steep access trails down.  One is located in the center of the beach.  The other is located at the south end of the beach.  The south end access is not quite as steep.

No Surf Beach
The steeper trail to the middle of the beach
No Surf Beach
The south trail is not as steep

No Surf Beach

No Surf Beach
This is a trail down

Like Rope Beach, this is an area that lack facilities and requires hauling everything down the short, but steep, cliff.  This beach is much better at low tide.  At high tide there may be very little beach available.  With the strong currents, rocky conditions and lack of lifeguards, swimming out any distance is not advised.

No Surf Beach No Surf Beach

Checking out the tide pools here is a key attraction.  In very low tides you can access the Sunset Cliffs Cave.  The Cave is south of No Surf Beach in between Monaco and Hill St.  Note tides have to be really low to access it.

No Surf Beach
The fenced off Sunset Cliffs Cave can be accessed at very low tide

No Surf Beach

Young children will have no problem getting down to the beach.  However, it is not the best beach to take children for a traditional day at the beach.  This would appeal more to teenagers and young adults.  It is great beach to lay out and enjoy the scenery.  There is plenty of free parking right along the side streets.

Despite the name, there is surfing at No Surf Beach.  However, like with Rope Beach and several other areas in San Diego, this is an area for advanced local surfers.  If you are not an experienced surfer this is not the place to try.

No Surf Beach

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