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San Diego’s Best Cheesesteaks: Philadelphia Sandwich Company

Philadelphia Sandwich Compan


When I moved to San Diego in 1991, the Philadelphia Sandwich Company was about the only place in town for a cheesesteak.  That has clearly changed, but Philadelphia Sandwich Company remains a prime spot.  With its move from Kearny Mesa to Miramar, I think it has gotten even better.  In our search for the best Philly cheesesteak in the San Diego area here is our review of the Philadelphia Sandwich Company.



The original Philadelphia Sandwich Company opened in 1979 on Convoy Street.  As this neighborhood became the prime location for Asian restaurants, the Philadelphia Sandwich Company didn’t really fit in.  So in 2014, a new location was opened in a strip mall in Mira Mesa, behind a Denny’s.

Philadelphia Sandwich Compan

The Philadelphia Sandwich Company does not seem to get a lot of love among San Diego cheesesteak fans.  I don’t quite understand that.  Their cheesesteaks are very good and the prices are quite reasonable.

Like most all places, Philadelphia Sandwich Company uses Amoroso rolls as bread and several kinds of cheeses (including Swiss).  There are regular cheesesteaks as well as chicken cheesesteaks (which I have never tried).


Philadelphia Sandwich Company offers daily specials, including a combo with a 6 inch cheesesteak, drink and choice of side (fries, chips, salad, or potato salad) for $9.50.  A large 10 inch sandwich is $8.50.  If you do the regular I recommend asking for extra meat for an additional $0.75.  In addition to cheesesteaks they have hoagies, which many people will tell you are the real star of Philadelphia’s culinary scene.  As advertised this is a Philadelphia Sandwich Company.

Philadelphia Sandwich Compan

Philadelphia Sandwich Company is decorated with all kinds of Philly memorabilia.  This includes a costume from the famous New Year’s Day Mummers parade.  They have lots of Philly drinks and snacks, including Tastykakes and Wise potato chips.   

Philadelphia Sandwich Company

If you are near the La Jolla UTC area, you should pay the Philadelphia Sandwich Company a visit when you get a cheesesteak craving.  The cheesesteak is not as good as Philly Franks.  However, Philly Franks is way up in San Marcos.   In my opinion, the Philadelphia Sandwich Company comes close to favorites Gaglione Brothers and Giorginos.  Just to make sure I visited this place twice, which I plan to do for all the places on the list.  For more information on our search for the top cheesesteaks in San Diego go here.



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