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San Diego’s Best Cheesesteaks: Alex’s Brown Bag

Alex's Brown Bag


Fun Diego Family is on a search for the best Philadelphia Cheesesteak in the San Diego area.  Alex’s Brown Bag is a place we have been going to for years.  Along with Philly Franks and Philadelphia Sandwich company, Alex’s Brown Bag, now in Pacific Beach is definitely a major long running contender.  This is my review of Alex’s Brown Bag after my most recent visit.



The first thing to note about Alex’s Brown Bag is it is not for everyone.  It is located in a corner of the Latitude 32 bar.  Sorry kids, but this place is 21 plus.  Frankly, for this reason, we have not visited Alex’s Brown Bag nearly as much as we did when it was located in an office building in the Hillcrest area.  Our kids like cheesesteaks!

Alex's Brown Bag

It should also be noted that Alex’s Brown Bag was featured in my Great Philly Cheesesteak Book as one of the best places outside Philadelphia.  It was one of two San Diego places listed (the other was Gaglione Bros.).

Philadelphia Cheesesteaks in San Diego

Alex’s Brown Bag will need to be on its game as the cheesesteak competition in Pacific Beach is heating up.  Several blocks away, two places opened in 2018, The Cheesesteak Grill and Calozzi’s.  Thankfully I can say Alex’s Brown Bag still makes a great cheesesteak in its new digs.

The cheesesteak at Alex’s Brown Bag is nicely seasoned and fairly salty.  That is a big plus, as many places have poorly seasoned meat.  Cheese choices include American, Provolone, Cheese Whiz and Mozzarella.  Of course, it is served on Amoroso Rolls.  There are extra toppings like mushroom, cherry peppers, and green peppers.  There is also the option to do a pizza steak.


Alex's Brown Bag Alex's Brown Bag

The price of a basic cheesesteak at Alex’s Brown Bag is $6 for a half or $10.75 for a whole sandwich.  The best part is that you can add fries for only $1 so it is a pretty good deal.  This is a great place to go during Happy Hour because it is part of the Latitude 32 bar.

Latitude 32 has a long happy hour, running from 11 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday.  Tuesday happy Hour goes to 9 pm.  I have a particular fondness for this bar because I came here the first night I moved to San Diego in 1991.  At the time it was an Australian themed bar.  It is now a combined San Diego (Latitude 32) and Philadelphia themed bar.

Alex's Brown Bag Alex's Brown Bag

Alex’s Brown Bag has many other sandwiches, as well as burgers.  There are salads, appetizers and of course, the standard Philly cheesesteak fries.  Each day of the week features a different sandwich on special for $6.99 with fries. 

Overall, Alex’s Brown Bag is highly recommended for the 21 and older crowd.  I plan to make an effort to come here once or twice during football season to watch the Eagles play.  It will be interesting to see how the local cheesesteak competition heats up with the Pacific Beach restaurants in the area.  It could be hard to compete with Alex’s Brown Bag.  Check out more of our reviews here.

Alex's Brown Bag
There is a small outdoor area



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