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San Diego’s Best Pizza: Best Pizza and Brew Review

Best Pizza and Brew


Based on the name, Fun Diego Family’s quest for the best pizza in San Diego is over.  The expanding mini-chain of Best Pizza and Brew has declared itself the winner.  However, we are not going to let them get off that easy.  This is our Best Pizza and Brew Review based on over a dozen visits.

Our go-to location for Best Pizza and Brew is the original in Mira Mesa.  However, they have opened larger locations in Cardiff and Oceanside.  The Cardiff location is heavy competition with the long-running East Coast Pizza.  Both serve my favorite NY-style thin crust pizza.


WEBSITE: https://www.bestpizzaandbrew.com/

Best Pizza and Brew

As mentioned I have been to Best Pizza and Brew at least a dozen times.  So, yes it is good.  But it is not the best pizza.  However, when you look at it is having the “best pizza and brew” combination they may be pretty close.  This is a good place to hang out, watch a game and drink a beer.  The same thing can not be said of most NY-style pizza places.

The biggest competition for Best Pizza and Brew is probably Flippin Pizza.  Both Flippin and Best Pizza and Brew are a 10-minute drive form our house.  If I want to get pizza for take-out I will almost always go for Flippin.  It is simply a better pizza.  However, if I am going for a sit-down meal, Best Pizza and Brew is the place.

Best Pizza and BrewBest Pizza and Brew

The Mira Mesa location has some indoor and outdoor seating with beers on tap and TVs playing sports.  They also offer a wide variety of sandwiches, salads, pastas and even a hamburger.  It is my impression that the newer locations are even bigger.

Best Pizza and Brew
Plenty of local beers on tap

Best Pizza and Brew

Most of the time I go for the 2 slices and soda special for $7.  For $11 you can do 2 slices and a beer or glass of wine.  You can also get a slice and salad for $7 or any 8 slices for $21.  They usually have 8 pizzas to choose from and quite a few local craft beers on tap.  During the last hour they are open slices are only $1.50.

Best Pizza and Brew

Whole pies are served in 12-inch and 18-inch sizes.  The 12-inch is $11.50 and the 18-inch is $186.  Toppings are $0.75/$1.50.  One issue I have had with Best Pizza and Brew is I don’t think their pepperoni is very good.  On a recent visit. they had added salami and soppressata as toppings. That was a definite improvement.

Best Pizza and Brew
The Italian meats are excellent. The pepperoni not so much

Overall Best Pizza and Brew is a top tier NY-style pizza place.  It is just not the best NY-style pizza in San Diego.  What it does have is the option to sit down and enjoy a beer and watch a game.  Our top NY-style places are all more bare-bone style joints.  Regent’s Pizza in La Jolla probably comes to closest to doing what Best Pizza and Brew does in terms of combining high quality pizza with beer.  In my mind, Best Pizza and Brew is significantly better tasting and significantly less expensive than Regent’s Pizza.

To see more places in the Fun Diego Family quest for best pizza in San Diego go here.


Best Pizza and Brew made our San Diego’s Best NY-Style Pizza list (aka thin crust)

San Diego’s Best NY-Style Pizza


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