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Hopefully, you have read my pizza philosophy piece.  If not go here.  That piece is my introduction to how I classify pizza into 4 major styles.  It is essential to understand how we are rating pizza places in our quest to find the best pizza in San Diego.  As I discuss in that article, San Diego is a contender for best pizza city in America.  This post is my summary of the initial contenders for San Diego’s Best Pizza.

The first thing to note is that this is a work in progress.  So far we have narrowed down the list to about 50 contenders in four different categories.  Most of these pizza places I have been to, but we are revisiting every place.   There are a few places I have not been to but plan on including.   Generally, this is because they have been recommended on other best of lists.

The goal is to try each place at least twice unless it is really bad.  There is no way I will rank a place at the top which I have not personally been to several times.  Note this will be a joint effort with feedback from family and friends and we will do a detailed post on each place as we go.

So, this is the initial list of San Diego’s Best Pizza.  They are in four categories, plus a fifth for places I have yet to try.  As discussed in my overview the categories are:

  • New York style/thin crust
  • Deep dish/thick crust
  • Fancy Italian/California pizza
  • Good old America pizza parlor

We are revisiting all these places.  Our goal is to visit each place at least twice and try multiple pizzas.

NOTE: we will add links and best of lists as we go!

STYLE 1: New York style/thin crust: This is my favorite pizza.  We are revisiting all places, multiple times.

  1. Basic/URBN
  2. Best Pizza and Brew
  3. Bongiornios
  4. Bronx
  5. Coney Island
  6. East Coast Pizza
  7. Flippin’
  8. The Friendly
  9. Hoboken
  10. Knockout Pizzeria
  11. Landinis
  12. Long Island Mikes
  13. Mr. Moto Pizza House
  14. Pauly’s Pizza Joint
  15. Pizza on Pearl (now Mr. Moto)
  16. Pizzeria Luigi
  17. Surf Rider Pizza Co
  18. Sicilian Thing
  19. Tony’s Giant Pizzeria & Grill

FEBRUARY 2019 UPDATE: We have our initial list of San Diego’s Best NY-Style Pizza 

San Diego’s Best NY-Style Pizza

STYLE 2: Deep dish/thick crust: Keeping my weight at a reasonable level means this pizza is a rare treat.  The main places definitely stand out and one visit is enough.  However, most of these places I have already been to multiple times.

  1. Leftys
  2. Berkeley
  3. Chicago Bros. Pizzeria
  4. Chicago Pizza Company
  5. NaPizza
  6. Sicilian Thing
  7. The Spot in La Jolla
  8. Square Pizza

FEBRUARY 2019 UPDATE: We have our initial list of San Diego’s best thick crust pizza

San Diego’s Best Thick Crust Pizza

STYLE 3: Fancy Italian/California pizza: this category equals love/hate.  Few repeat places because of cost and multiple menu items.  This will take some time to judge.

  1. Ambrogio 15
  2. Biga
  3. Blue Ribbon
  4. Buono Forchetta
  5. Cucina Enoteca
  6. Davanti Enoteca
  7. Isola
  8. Monello
  9. Pizzeria Bruno Napoletano
  10. Privateer
  11. Tribute
  12. Wheat and Water

STYLE 4: Good old America pizza parlor: I can almost write these places from fond memory but need to revisit with a critic’s eye.

  1. Pizza Port
  2. Leucadia Pizza
  3. Killer Pizza from Mars
  4. Woodstocks
  5. Oggis
  6. Besta-Wan
  7. Carino’s
  8. Filippi’s Pizza Grotto 
  9. Regents Pizzeria
  10. Mom and Doms

Places I Have Never Been: Other people give these places high rankings.  We still need to try these.

  1. NY Pizzeria (Bonita)
  2. Blind Lady Ale House
  3. Stella Public House
  4. Caffe Calabria
  5. Herb and Wood
  6. Urban Pi
  7. Liberty Pizza


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