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San Diego’s Best Pizza: Knockout Pizzeria Review

Knockout Pizzeria


Knockout Pizzeria in Mira Mesa is a dark horse in the best pizza in San Diego category.  However, we have been going to this modest strip-mall location for probably 10 years.  Knockout Pizzeria is a legit contender for a top NY-style pizza joint.  This is our Knockout Pizzeria review.

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In my mind, there is some confusion about the origins of Knockout Pizzeria.  There is a Knockout Pizza in Carlsbad that I think at one time may have had an association with the Knockout Pizzeria in Mira Mesa.  In addition, it seems there may have been some connection with Knockout Pizzeria and the emergence of the Flippin’ Pizza chain (which we really like).

Whatever the history it appears that the current Knockout Pizzeria exists as its own separate entity.  It is located in a bland strip mall in the heart of Mira Mesa.  The only nearby attraction of note is the Green Flash Brewery across the street.

Knockout Pizzeria

As mentioned, we have been ordering from Knockout Pizzeria for many years.  However, when it came time to do an assessment for our best pizza in San Diego battle we made sure to revisit several times.  Many of the online reviews seemed negative and I was concerned the quality may have slipped.

As a family, we have been back several times in recent months for both slices and whole pizza take-out.  The verdict currently stands that Knockout Pizzeria makes a top-notch NY-style pizza.  Like most good pizza places, this is not fancy dining.  The boxing/NYC décor is pretty cool, but nothing fancy.

Knockout Pizzeria
Tables have maps of the NYC subway system

Many of the complaints seem to center on the service or high prices.  I have personally never had a problem with service.  However, I come from Philly, so my expectations are pretty low.  I mainly care about quality pizza even if I have to deal with employees with an attitude.  But I have never got an attitude at Knockout Pizzeria.

Knockout Pizzeria

If you look at our pizza price chart you can see that Knockout Pizzeria is near the top in having the best prices.  Two slices and soda are only $6.50.  An 18” pizza is $16 with toppings at $2.  There is a huge range of specialty pies ranging from $20 to $23.

Knockout Pizzeria

The pizza is excellent.  The meat slices can be pretty greasy, but I actually like that.  If I want a healthier option I order a veggie slice.  Like most great NY-style pizzas the crust is a standout.  It is nicely crisp but also folds in the middle.

Knockout Pizzeria Knockout Pizzeria

Knockout Pizzeria also has a wide range of pasta, sandwiches, and salads.  We have actually only tried the pizza so I can’t comment on those offerings.  We are looking to do some more reviews on stromboli and calzone’s so that may be in the cards for future visits.

Knockout Pizzeria
The menu is huge

In Fun Diego Family’s quest for the best pizza in San Diego, Knockout Pizzeria makes the top 20 for my favorite category, NY-style thin crust.  Right now, I have it fairly low on the top 20 list, mainly in deference to reading comments on sites like Yelp. Generally, I don’t pay much attention to Yelp reviewers (I prefer to look at individual reviews of people I trust), but the negative reviews did give me pause in this case. I plan to continue to evaluate the current state of Knockout Pizzeria and this ranking could go up (or down).

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