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San Diego’s Best Pizza: Pizza Port Review


The original Pizza Port in Solana Beach is a classic.  I have been going here since 1992, when they were in the process of building a brewery.  Over the years, the concept has expanded and Pizza Port is one of the top brewpubs in San Diego.  This is the Fun Diego Family Pizza Port Review.




WEBSITE: https://pizzaport.com/

We have been to three Pizza Port locations.  In addition, to the Solana Beach location, we have been going to the downtown Carlsbad location for over 20 years.  Our new favorite location is now the one in Ocean Beach.  There is another location in Carlsbad, and one in Orange County.

Pizza Port falls firmly in our fourth category of pizza, the family-friendly pizza parlor category.  These are places that serve a quality traditional pizza that will not necessarily compete with a high-end Neapolitan pizza or a barebone NY-style pizza shop.  However, it is the type of place that the whole family can enjoy.

Pizza Port is all about partying in a big group.  Every location has communal style picnic tables that can seat a large group of friends) or strangers.  There are video and arcade games for the kids and plenty of beer for the adults. 

The locations we go to right by the beach.  Pizza Port is a go to place after a day at the beach.  It is a great place to watch a game or have a party.  In the early years at Solana Beach, they would always be showing surfing videos.  One year, we had to beg them to turn on the World Series.  That has long changed, but the surf vibe remains in the décor.

The pizza at Pizza Port is cooked on a conveyor belt.  Of course, this means it will never be as high quality as a pizza oven.  However, for conveyor belt pizza it is top notch.  They were one of the first places to do fancy pizza topping.

Pizza Port Review

Prices at Pizza Port are also extremely reasonable.  A large 15” pizza is $15 with extra toppings at $2.50.  Specialty pizzas are around $20 to $23.  There are a wide variety of sauces to choose from including ranch, buffalo, BBQ, Teriyaki and more (we only do basic red sauce).  Toppings include kale, hearts of palm, pulled pork, shrimp, clams, pomegranate seeds and more.

Every month they have a wacky pizza of the month special for $22.  One month it was a pizza with sliced hot dogs.  On a recent visit, they had a pizza with peaches!

Recently, Pizza Port has started to serve pizza by the slice during lunch.  Two slices (cheese or pepperoni) and a soda are $6.  There is a special slice of the day available for $3.

Pizza Port Review

Beyond pizza and beer, the offerings at Pizza Port are more limited.  There are salads, chicken wings and serval styles of bread bites.

Pizza Port Review

Beer is a major attraction at Pizza Port.  Pizza Port is one of the longest-running brewpubs in San Diego.   As the San Diego micro beer scene has exploded, Pizza Port remains one of the top brewers.  At any given time, there will be a full range of beers on tap from both Pizza Port and other local brewers.

Pizza Port is popular and busy for a reason.  They make a great product.  This is crowd-pleasing pizza at its best.  Pizza snobs may not approve, but I am always happy to go here.  As mentioned, my favorite is the larger Ocean Beach location.  The smaller Solana Beach restaurant tends to get very crowded.

Pizza Port Review

Fun Diego Family is on a quest to find San Diego’s best pizza in four different categories.  Pizza Port is a contender in the family-friendly pizza parlor category.

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