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San Diego’s Best Pizza: Sicilian Thing Pizza Review


Sicilian Thing Pizza is a small shop in North Park that is on many best of San Diego lists.  It has taken Fun Diego Family several years to make it, but now we are converted.  This is our Sicilian Thing Pizza Review.


WEBSITE: https://www.sicilianthingpizza.com/

One thing I did not realize is that Sicilian Thing Pizza serves two styles of pizza.  There is not only Sicilian-style pizza, but they also do a NY-thin style pizza.  I am a big fan of thin crust pizza, while the wife is a fan of Sicilian-style. 

Sicilian Thing Pizza Review

Sicilian-style pizza is a thick-crust pan pizza, usually served in squares.  I grew up in Philadelphia and this was a popular pizza.  However, it is not one of my favorite styles of pizza, and I have tried some of the top-rated places in New York City.  So, I come in with a bias.

That being said, Sicilian Thing Pizza is near the top in two of our categories, NY-style/thin crust and thick crust pizza.  There are several NY-style places that serve Sicilian-style pizza, but Sicilian Thing Pizza is the only place where I would choose this option.

Sicilian Ting Pizza Review

Sicilian Thing Pizza is a tiny storefront with only a handful of seats.  Street parking can be a challenge, and the menu is pretty basic.  Besides pizza, there are a few sandwiches and salads.  They have a few beers on tap.

Sicilian Thing Pizza Review

Generally, when a place is this barebone, you know they deliver on the goods. What surprised me about Sicilian Thing Pizza was how good their NY-style thin crust pizza was.  Both styles are served by the slice for about $3.50 each.  Two slices and a soda are $8.

Sicilian Thing Pizza Review

Whole pizzas come in a 16” round NY-style or 16” square Sicilian-style.  Prices start at $14.75 and $16.75 respectively.  Extra toppings are $2 for meat, $1.75 for veggies.  Among specialty pizzas my favorite is the Almost Lasagna with ricotta and meatballs.  This is a bargain at $18.50 for NY or $20.50 for Sicilian.

I am sorry it took us this long to discover Sicilian Thing Pizza.  However, I can understand why.  North Park is somewhat of a pizza row.  Right down the street is Berkley Chicago-style pizza.  A short distance away is URBN, Pizzeria Luigi and several of our other favorites.

The good thing about Sicilian Thing Pizza is that it can keep all of us happy.  We are a family divided between Sicilian-style loves and thin crust lovers.  Sicilian Thing Pizza is the first place to be near the top of both categories.

Fun Diego Family is on a quest to find San Diego’s best pizza in four different categories.  Sicilian Thing Pizza is a contender in both the NY-style/thin crust category (my personal favorite) and the thick crust category.

To see our full list of top pizza places go here.


Sicilian Thing made our top pizza list in both the thin crust and thick crust categories.

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