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San Diego’s Best Pizza: Ranking San Diego Pizza Prices

Sicilian Thing Pizza Review


Fun Diego Family is on a quest to find the best pizza in San Diego.  As part of this quest, we are also tracking pizza prices.  This is our ranking of San Diego pizza prices.


Because all pizza is not created equal we have divided pizza into 4 major categories.  This includes:

  • Thin crust
  • Thick crust
  • Fancy Italian/California
  • Good old American pizza parlor

You can read more about our pizza taxonomy here.

The main thing to note that it is hard to compare prices across categories.  A $32 stuffed Chicago style pizza that is only 14 inches can feed 6 to 8 people.  A similar size 18-inch NY-style thin crust will likely feed only 2 to 3 people.

So first our rankings are broken down by our four main categories.  Within each category, we have done a subjective ranking based on what we perceive as the value provided. 

This ranking does NOT factor in pizza quality.  Instead, we are looking at the amount of pizza you get for your money.  That being said, all these places are on our top pizza list and provide quality pizza.  Just make sure to also read our individual reviews.

This is an ongoing list that is being updated on a regular basis.  Prices change regularly (unfortunately, almost always going up).  Thus, we welcome any notices of price changes or errors we may have made.

Pizza prices were last fully checked in January 2019 with some updates in February 2019

San Diego NY-Style Pizza Prices

  2 slices and a drink Whole 18” Pie Cheese/Toppings Specialty Pies
Tony’s Giant Pizzeria  $3 (one giant slice) $17/$2 (20 inches) $25 (20-inch)
Bronx Pizza $7 $15/$1.75 $16.75-$22
East Coast Pizza $6.50 $16/$2 $19-$21
Knockout Pizzeria $6.50 $16/$2 $20-$23
Long Island Mike’s $7 $15/$2.50 $18.50-$21.50
Pizzeria Luigi $7 $17/$1.5 to $1.75 $18.75-$24.50
Coney’s $7 $17/$2 $19.50-$22.50
Pauly’s Pizza Joint $7 $17/$1.50 $21.50-$26.50
Flippin Pizza $7.50 $16.75/$2.25 $21.75
Landini’s Pizzeria $8 $17.50/$2 $21.50-$24.50
The Friendly $8 $18/$1.50 $21-26
Bongiorno’s $8 $19/$2 $21-$27
Hoboken Pizza $8.25 $19/$3.25 (20-inch) $26 (20-inch)
Best Pizza and Brew $8 $18/$3 $22.50
Sicilian Thing Pizza $8 $14.75/$1.75 to $2 (16”) $18.25-$22.50
Mr. Moto Pizza House $9 $17/$1.50 $20-$23
Surfrider Pizza $9 $17/$2.50 $20-$24
URBN/Basic N/A $17/$2-6 (large oval) $26-29
Regent’s Pizzeria $12* $21/$3 to $4.25 $24.25-$30.50

When it comes to thin crust pizza, Tony’s is the cheapest by a significant amount.  However, as we note in our review, it is pushing the limits of what we consider a thin crust style.

The good news is most of the top places on our list are also reasonably priced.  The one exception is the URBN/Basic mini-chain which is close to what we consider the fancy pizza category.  URBN makes an excellent pizza but for years we stayed away because of the $4 cost of adding pepperoni.  In hindsight, this was a mistake because the pizza is excellent and still a good value if you don’t go crazy with toppings.

*Regent’s Pizzeria was the most expensive and actually did not qualify for our top thin crust list (we put it in category 4, Good Old American Pizza Parlor).  Regent’s actually did not list the price for pizza slices and it varies based on each slice.  Nevertheless, it was clearly the most expensive.  That being said we are frequent customers of Regent’s.

San Diego Pizza Prices
2 slices and a soda is a standard for NY-style thin crust

For the San Diego’s Best NY-style Pizza go here.

San Diego’s Best NY-Style Pizza

San Diego Thick Crust Pizza Prices

  Slice Whole Pie Cheese/Toppings Specialty Pies
Chicago Bros. Pizzeria 2 slices and a soda $9 $21/$2; 14-inch stuffed $24-29
The Spot N/A $16.75/$2.25; 12-inch deep dish  
Sicilian Thing Pizza $3.50/slice $16.75/$1.75-2; 16-inch square $18.50-24.50
Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria $4 deep dish $20/$2.50; 16-inch deep dish; $26/$2.50: 14-inch stuffed crust $27-28; deep dish: $30-34; stuffed
Berkeley Pizza $4.25 $25/$2.50; 14-inch deep dish $26.50
Square Pizza Co $3.75 Sicilian; $5.25 Detroit (2 squares) $19/$2 (8 squares) $19-$27
Chicago Pizza Company N/A $26.45/$2.25; 14-inch deep dish $35.45
Napizza $4-$5.75 Save $0.50 per slice on 6 or more slices Save $0.50 per slice on 6 or more slices
Regent’s Pizzeria est. $5.25 slice $29.25/$2.75; 14-inch $31.95-36.95
Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria Review
One slice of a stuffed pizza is more filling than 2 slices of most thin crust

Ranking the price of thick crust pizza is more subjective than it is for thin crust.  A thick crust pizza is almost always more expensive, but it usually provides significantly more food.

Chicago Pizza Company in Santee actually has a great breakdown of the value of its pizza.  This is the stuff us economic nerds love.

Chicago Bros Pizzeria in Mission Valley is our favorite Chicago Stuffed Crust place and is also the best value.  The Spot and Sicilian Thing have cheaper pizzas, but they are not quite as hefty.

Frankly all the places on this list provide an excellent value.  Once again, the one possible exception is Regent’s Pizzeria.  Their pizza is the most expensive, but more importantly I am not a huge fan of their thick crust.  If the thick crust was better, price would not be a big issue.

For the San Diego’s Best Thick Crust Pizza go here.

San Diego’s Best Thick Crust Pizza

Other Pizza Places

Stay tuned.  We will be updating this on a regular basis.  To see our overview of San Diego’s Best Pizza go here.

San Diego’s Best Pizza Overview


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